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In Strict Confidence

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1/29/07 09:21 am - beeporama - The Serpent's Kiss

Isolation Tank is shipping The Serpent's Kiss. I got mine a few days ago. The website indicates that they probably have more in stock, as well as some of the other tough-to-find goodies (like the incredible HECQ remix version of the Holy album).

ISC continues to experiment with interesting presentation, with three square EP-length CDs packed into the elongated box. I was a little disappointed in the comparative plainness of the interior, but it's a cool package nonetheless. The insert card appears to be hand-autographed by the band (not just photocopied signatures).

I won't bore you with a full review, but the music is solid, with most of the remixes fairly faithful to the original. (I was a little disappointed, though, that Beborn Beton's remix of "Seven Lives," perhaps my favorite ISC track, was kind of boring.)

The square CDs shouldn't be a problem for most players, although when I ripped them for my MP3 player the laptop drive made an unusually loud whirring sound (presumably just the air flow). Because getting the discs in and out can be awkward, though, I plan to make copies for listening and keep the originals stashed in the box.

11/16/06 07:58 pm - beeporama

Anybody planning to see In Strict Confidence live in the near future, and fancy picking up a copy of The Serpent's Kiss for me? Of course I'd reimburse you.

5/14/06 02:30 pm - strannikli - mmmm...Exile Paradise..:)

Yaahhh!;) This albus is very good!:) I think that better songs are:

Promised Land
Forbidden Fruit
Fading Light
Der Teufel
Something To Remember
and very best hit - A Single Touch!!!

Whats you think?;)

3/12/06 07:46 pm - strannikli - NEW album!

YES! New album is very....not..VERY GOOD!:)
Are you listen?:)
26,93 КБ

10/21/05 06:35 am - beeporama - The Sun Always Shines On T.V.

I'm glad to see some activity here!

Has anyone else gotten "The Sun Always Shines On T.V."? Very upbeat; despite the use of guitar, it's the kind of thing I'd expect under the Controlled Fusion name rather than ISC. It's solid, but as you might expect, it's hard to swallow paying twenty-some dollars for a cover and a b-side. The little T.V. set in the box is kind of like a ViewMaster, and it's a neat tchotchke, but the size means that the art is small and thus difficult to appreciate. Probably for collectors only.

However, it is a good example of something I really like about ISC: they put a lot of attention into packaging and fan-oriented releases.

10/20/05 07:49 pm - 13thglassocean - Some of the best Darkwave

These guys are the most awesome darkwave I have ever heard...I love "Become an Angel" and "Zauberschloss"

10/20/05 05:47 pm - jadesev - ThisisCorrosion.net internet industrial radio station...

Check out the new community...


If you like RantRadio Industrial, you'll enjoy listening to this station as well.

6/21/05 08:44 pm - bleeptastic - Interested in Industrial, EBM, Electro or Goth?


I am currently writing a business plan to get funding for a music video company dedicated to promoting the electronic and industrial, goth music sectors (with the help of the LCACE -London Centre for Arts and Cultural Enterprise) . For part of my business plan I have to provide market research to prove that the interest is out there. I would be extremely grateful if you could fill this form out and forward it too as many people as possible, so that I can gauge whether or not the interest/ market is out there. If this business venture does succeed you will get the chance to buy more music DVDS/ Videos of your favourite bands, so please help!! It will only take a few minutes and is really simple, but will help me alot!!




6/7/05 08:03 pm - terrorfakt_ny


Please read and circulate:


12/12/04 03:14 pm - jadesev

A few ISC icons I made for public use...

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